David Noonan is known for his work with photographic imagery, frequently combined with abstract imagery, and transformed into collages and large-scale silk-screened tableaux. The figurative imagery is derived from found photographs collected by the artist from a wide range of sources including archival documents, books and magazines. These images often include dancers, actors and other performers, sometimes in the process of applying make-up and often in what seems to be mid-performance. This sense of concealment, disguise and the adoption of other persona is reinforced through the layering and folding of the actual materials Noonan employs in these works. As Sam Steverlynk has noted: ‘All of the works are the result of a complex process of tearing and cutting, gluing and reassembling the pieces of cloth, hence contrasting the painstakingly manual treatment with the mechanical reproduction of the silkscreen.’

The artist travelled to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen in September 2013. He went on to develop new work with Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen.

David Noonan (born Ballarat, Australia, 1969) lives and works in London. He received his BFA from Ballarat University College and his post-graduate degree from the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne. Recent solo exhibitions have been held in Belgium, Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, Paris, New York and Sydney.

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