Melbourne-based artist Emily Floyd worked with Dundee Contemporary Art’s Print Studio during the summer of 2013. She also participated in DCA’s group exhibition ‘There Will Be New Rules Next Week’, marking the Impact 8 Conference in Dundee in August 2013.

Floyd produces work in both print and sculpture. Many of her recent sculptural pieces refer to the simple, geometrical forms and primary colours common to children’s building blocks. In a recent profile on the artist’s work published in frieze, Wes Hill noted that Floyd, ‘explores the history of pedagogical play in her work, employing it as a frame for investigations into design, typography, protest, public art and the legacy of Modernism’.

The artist’s work in print – primarily lithographs – also incorporates bold colour and geometrical forms, referencing the work of the early Modernist movements and collectives such as De Stijl, the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism. However, this work does not engage with the work of artists associated with these movements on a purely formal level, Floyd is interested equally in the way such sophisticated formal languages are used to communicate political ideologies. This emphasis upon art and activism extends also to Floyds’ interest in Australian political posters from the 1970s and in the graphic work of Sister Corita Kent.

Emily Floyd (born Melbourne, Australia, 1972) lives and works in Melbourne. In 2012 she presented solo exhibitions at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney, Australia; the Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, Australia; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. In 2014, she will have solo exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, and Heide Museum of Modern Art, Bulleen, Australia.

Anna Schwartz Gallery

‘There Will Be New Rules Next Week.’

Limited Edition Print by Emily Floyd