The Lahore-based artist Fahd Burki worked at Edinburgh Printmakers during September 2013.

Fahd Burki is known for his works on paper employing acrylic, charcoal, marker pen and collage. He has also produced a number of screen prints. These works frequently present abstract graphic fields that contain a central form dominating the picture plane. The sources for these forms range from tribal folk art to science fiction. Although these sharp-edged forms can be seen to refer to the type of icons associated with digital media, they are painstakingly produced by hand and, as Murtaza Vali has noted, ‘the result is a series of always playful, at times menacing icons or symbols harvested from a personal mythology of the present, at once disconcertingly familiar and completely novel.’

Fahd Burki (born Lahore, Pakistan, 1981) lives and works in Lahore. He graduated from the National College of Arts, Lahore, in 2003 and from the Royal Academy of Art, London, in 2010. Recent solo exhibitions have been held in Lahore and in Dubai.

Grey Noise