Jim Lambie is known internationally for his floor installations and sculptures that respond to and alter our experience of the architecture in which they are presented.

His work employs everyday, contemporary materials and objects, both found and fabricated, such as record sleeves, clothing, ornaments and furniture. These objects are transformed into new sculptural forms that express his interest in music and popular culture. Lambie’s use of bright, often day-glo colour is founded in his interest in synaesthesia and the psychology of space.

Lambie’s collages and prints often include images of iconic figures such as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and John Lyndon, as in ‘England’s Dreaming’ a work that combines collage with oil painting and printed paper. Amongst his most recent prints are those he produced collaboratively in 2012 with Richard Hell: a portfolio of seven screen prints in which the image of author Michel Houllebecq is incorporated.

Lambie visited Antigua in March 2013. This gave the artist the opportunity to see and experience at first hand Caribbean culture as expressed in the island’s musical traditions and architecture. His work for Below another sky was produced in 2014 with Glasgow Print Stduio.

Jim Lambie (born Glasgow, 1964) graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1994. Based in Glasgow, recent solo exhibitions have been held in Dallas, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York, Orkney, Paris and Turin.

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