Michael Fullerton is a painter whose work centres on portraits of figures ‘who embody political commitment or represent strong ideological positions.’ Recent works include portraits of Alan Turing, David Shayler and Lech Walesa. His engagement with a painting style associated with 18th century society portraitist Thomas Gainsborough, points to his interest in what it means to portray renowned individuals in any given period. His current concern with figures associated with internet file hosting systems and online security relate to his ongoing interest in the recording, transmission and ownership of information.

In May 2013, Fullerton travelled to Auckland, New Zealand, to meet and photograph Kim Dotcom, a German internet entrepreneur and founder of Megaupload, and Peter Gutmann, a computer scientist and specialist in the design and analysis of security systems. These photographs acted as the source material for new paintings and work in print shown in the solo exhibition ‘Meaning Inc.’ at Greene Naftali, New York (January 2014) and at Glasgow Print Studio (July 2014).

Michael Fullerton (born Blantyre, Scotland, 1971) studied at Glasgow School of Art. He continues to live and work in the city. Recent solo exhibitions have been held in Glasgow, London and New York.

Carl Freedman

 Greene Naftali