Rohini Devasher produces prints, drawings and films. Following her first degree in Fine Art in New Delhi, Devasher studied Printmaking at Winchester School of Art. She commented recently on how she was drawn to printmaking as a way in which she could engage with the repeated image, which, for Devasher, is the means to construct something entirely new and a vehicle through which she can explore pattern as it appears in science, mathematics and music.

Devasher’s interest in pattern and the self-organising systems found in nature, also extends to her work with digital technologies and specifically with video feedback. As Hemant Sareen explains, ‘She plays with the parameters of ambient light to allow the feedback to throw up shapes and patterns. When layered in the finished video together these parts organize themselves – seemingly of their own volition – into an animated strange-yet-familiar shape-shifting simulacrum of the natural world.’

The artist’s current work involves research and fieldwork in astronomy, the most recent projects being an exploration of ‘strange’ terrains where myth and fiction blur the boundaries of what is real and imagined. During the first part of her residency with Glasgow Print Studio, in October 2013, the artist visited the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory to continue her exploration of astronomical sites. She returned to Glasgow Print Studio in June 2014 to produce a new series of photo etchings based upon her experience at observatories in India and in Scotland.

Rohini Devasher (born Delhi, India, 1978) lives and works in New Delhi. Recent solo and group exhibitions have been held in Berlin, Mumbai, New Delhi, Stuttgart and Warsaw.

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