Sarnath Banerjee is a graphic novelist and visual artist based in New Delhi and Berlin. His graphic novels, such as ‘Corridor’ (2004) and ‘Harappa Files’ (2011), take life in contemporary Indian cities as their subject matter. Focusing upon universal and everyday themes, communicated in a bold graphic style, Banerjee draws upon his own experience and develops narratives that are immediately engaging and humorous. He has said that through the medium of the graphic novel he is able to ‘open up the city’ and to reveal aspects of its nature that might otherwise be overlooked.

To date Banerjee has worked primarily in India’s largest and most densely populated cities. In contrast to this experience, Below another sky invited the artist to work in Inverness, Scotland’s newest and smallest city, often referred to as the ‘capital of the Highlands’. Banerjee spent two weeks in Inverness in June 2013 to explore the city and discover the legends, stories and characters known only to those who live there. Working with the Highland Print Studio, he also experimented with both lithography and screen-printing. The artist returned to Inverness in July 2014 to develop a new series of screenprints: ‘Casual Highland’.

Banerjee (Born Kolkota, India, 1972) has published three graphic novels and runs the publishing house ‘Phantomville’. He also works in film and recent solo exhibitions include ‘History is Written by Garment Exporters’, CCA, Glasgow, and ‘Barwa Khiladi’, Project 88, Mumbai (both 2012). In the same year he was commissioned by Frieze Projects East to develop graphic illustrations presented across billboards, posters, local newspapers and hoardings throughout London’s Olympic boroughs. The project, entitled ‘Gallery of Losers (Non-Performers, Almost-Winners, Under-Achievers, Almost-Made-Its), depicted Banerjee’s ‘own failed forays into amateur sports, alongside better-known partial successes in Olympic history.’

Project 88

Sarnath Banerjee


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