Below another sky enabled internationally acclaimed artists to develop ambitious new work in print. Each of the five print studios worked with a total of four artists: two based in or originating from Scotland, and two based in or originating from a Commonwealth country. The studios made all their equipment and technical resources available to these artists and the work was produced with the full support and expertise of the studio’s staff.

This page links to images of and information on all of the work produced to date. Please click on the artist’s name to see the work produced and to read more about the artist’s research and the processes involved.

The prints are available for sale directly from the print studio that has worked with the artist. These unique prints and editions are a wonderful opportunity to acquire original artwork by leading national and international artists, as well as to support the vital work of the print studios themselves.

If you would like to receive further information on how to buy a print, please contact the studio responsible directly.