Julia Dault

‘The Holograms (2)’, 2014
Screenprint and chine-collé
82 x 57cm. Edition of 8

In her paintings and sculptures, Julia Dault often uses restrictions, rule sets, and the limitations of found materials and colors to generate compositions. In ‘The Holograms’, a series of four works, she has isolated six elements that she playfully remixes across the four individual prints. Each edition contains at least four of these component parts, among which are heretofore unseen underpaintings from previous work; a day-glo rainbow palette; and motifs drawn from outside sources including perforated paper. The arrangements of circles, grids, and triangles shift from woodblock to screenprint and from one part of the design to another, hinting at the infinite possibilities found within even the strictest rules.

Annis Fitzhugh, DCA, with Julia Dault