Michael Fullerton

‘Cypher (MGM. circa 1936)’, 2014
Silkscreen on Somerset newsprint
Image 66 x 100cm, paper size 74 x 108cm. Edition of 20.

In May 2013, Fullerton travelled to Auckland, New Zealand, to meet and photograph Kim Dotcom, a German internet file-sharing entrepreneur, charged by the US with copyright infringements worth $500million, and Peter Gutmann, a computer scientist and specialist in the design and analysis of security systems. The photographs acted as the source material for the print ‘Ultramarine’ and a full-length painting of Dotcom. A photograph taken by Auckland-based computer scientist Peter Gutmann was the starting point for the print ‘Landscape: Photographed by Peter Gutmann’. The works ‘Cypher (MGM. Circa 1936)’ and ‘Trade-Mark’, produced with the same metallic gold inks, represent iconic images of the golden age of Holywood cinema. Together these editions reflect the artist’s ongoing investigation of media and technology and the social and civic relevance of art in the age of mass media.