Louise Hopkins

‘Arrangement with Moving Parts’, 2014
Blind embossed etching
56.4 x 72.6

Louise Hopkins’ second edition for Below another sky is the blind embossed etching ‘Arrangement with Moving Parts’. The artist painted on to a world map as the starting point for this work. Using white paint, Hopkins deleted all the landmasses and place names on the map to leave just the names of the seas and oceans, and the lines of latitude and longitude. The final white and blue painting was then scanned at Edinburgh Printmakers to produce a black and white version of the work, making the broken grid-like structure of lines more visible. The etching plate was made directly from this scan and the artist worked closely with the studio to ensure the sharpness and legibility of each raised letter and line.

Hopkins has produced two other blind embossed etchings and has said that she enjoys its sculptural quality. Although a continuation of her work on world maps, this etching has allowed Hopkins to explore the idea of movement across and in to the surface of the picture. The etching simultaneously evokes the idea of actual travel and, through its dissolution of landmasses, raised forms and broken lines, expresses a more abstract sense of movement and rhythm within the work itself.