Janice Kerbel

‘Blast’, 2014
Relief print
101 x 77cm. Edition in progress.

Taking original letterpress posters and broadsheets as a starting point, Janice has applied the process of relief printing to produce work that relates formally to a musical score with the use of text and typographic conventions only. The placement of the words on the paper – the vertical movement from high to low – makes a visual reference to pitch; the movement across the paper – from left to right – implies the durational aspect of a musical composition.

Janice and I explored numerous approaches within relief printing as the work developed. She experimented initially with laser cut MDF blocks and finally with the magnesium plates developed from her own artwork files. Her aim was to ensure she had as much control over the image as possible. The image was subsequently proofed on to newsprint, an ephemeral material associated with the mass distribution and communication of ideas, images and information.’

Michael Waight, Peacock Visual Arts