Amol Patil

‘Talking Sweepers’, 2014
5 colour screenprint
15 x 19.5cm. Edition of 12.

‘Patil’s residency, in July 2014, resulted in a suite of 16 screenprinted images based upon poems written 50 years ago by his grandfather, combined with drawings by the artist. They bring together various elements of his work, in particular our perceptions of aging, of our bodies and our personal objects, and also our perception of skin. The latter is an issue not only in the West, but also in Amol’s native India, where skin products such as ‘Fair and Lovely’ sell well. Here in the Highlands, we are big on fake tan. The work in the studio involved recreating the feel of Amol’s grandfathers notebook using careful overlay’s of screen inks. This process continued until Amol’s contemporary drawings fused with the written text.’

John McNaught, Highland Print Studio