Claire Barclay

‘Set Shift’, 2014
Relief print on Magnani Litho Paper
99.8 x 50cm. Edition of 5

Although Claire Barclay is an experienced and accomplished screenprinter, she was very open to collaboration when it came to the development of this beautiful series of 9 relief prints at Peacock Visual Arts. As is often the case with seemingly simple pieces, there was very little margin for what would be over or under printed in terms of pressure or colour; Claire was clear as to how much grain was to be shown, how deep the tone needed to be and what indentation, if any, was desired. The selection of a sympathetic paper choice was crucial: Magnani Litho did not ‘collapse’ and held the surface very well. It has a crispness that suited Claire’s work perfectly. Claire also worked with Murray Robertson at Glasgow Print Studio on the digital files for the shapes; the blocks were subsequently laser cut at Gray’s School of Art, taking the wonderfully collaborative nature of this project one step further.`

Michael Waight, Peacock Visual Arts